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GBT is working hard to help customers. If you have a request make sure it follows these policys then send it to the CEO of GBT by clicking these link.


GBT Tech of the day: ScaleSelect

Programming Language of the day: Python

That's all for the Tech of the day. But before we end, let's thank the great coders at GBT who made it happen! Thanks!


At GBT, we have something we like to call the cycle. The Cycle is a way of learning. So what is the cycle? Be Inspired, Learn, Inspire, Teach. Begin the cycle at the GBT Blog.

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What does GBT stand for?

Well, GBT stands for Graff Bussiness Tech

OneCenter's coming out soon!

OneCenter, the GBT business managment program, is coming out soon. The program will release open-source and free, then will switch to Alpha stage and will have a seprate open-source and free version and in the final stage there will be NO free version released.

Malware Alert!!

Has your PC been infected by malware? Here are some things to know

  • Check system folders like C:/Windows (windows) or /System (mac os) for unexpected files
  • Install an anti-virus
  • Check for unexpected ads. If you have unexpected ads, you have adware. Most adware can be uninstalled
  • Run a scan via Windows Defender or MacKeeper
  • Check your webcam. If it is lighting up, check if you have your camera app open. If it's not you might have spyware.
  • Check for a message that says Reparing drive C:
    Really, do not unplug or shutdown your computer unless you want to lose all your data.
    If this appears or something like it appears, disconnect from the internet, inform everone else, then, shutdown and (desktop only) unplug your PC